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Step 2: Maximizing Social Security

| November 07, 2018
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I am often asked the following questions about Social Security by clients:

  • When should I start collecting my Social Security retirement benefit?
  • Can I collect Social Security on my spouse's record?
  • How do I maximize Social Security benefits for my spouse and I?
  • What is file and suspend?
  • What is filing a restricted application?
  • Can I collect Social Security benefits under a former or ex-spouse?

Knowing when to collect your Social Security benefits and understanding the system’s complex rules can be perplexing and can vary based on each person’s personal situation.

Here is a good video that illustrates some of the considerations when planning around Social Security and addresses some the most asked questions:

Here is a resource guide to some additional questions that can be found on the Social Security website.

  • Where is my nearest Social Security office? Answer
  • How do I apply for a new or replacement Social Security card? Answer
  • When am I eligible for Social Security benefits? Answer
  • How do I apply for Social Security benefits? Answer
  • Is there a Social Security calculator to determine how much my monthly Social Security benefit will be? Answer 
  • What is a Government Pension Offset (GPO)? Answer
  • How much more will my Social Security benefits increase by waiting vs taking them early? Answer 
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